Hi all! 

l wanted to share something with you...

The Power of Positive Thinking.

There are many sources we can tap into about this subject and l am far from a pro at positive thinking.

What l have learned is that thinking "yes" in stead of "no" is a challenge. However l am conscious of the concept and the positive way it influences everything in life. 

A lot of us were raised with the word "no" being key in our parents' vocabulary.



Think about it. 



When it comes to poker, a positive mindset is so helpfull in preventing tilt. Positive thoughts, Positive Results. 

lf you have read this far, you are now conscious of the concept. Probably still consciously unconscious. You now know for sure that there is such a thing as positive thinking, but actually implementing it in your thoughtprocess a 100% of the time is a challenge. A challenge that will always be there, like poker, getting better at it, is a constant work in progress. 

l recommend anyone to read about the subject, go deeper. What l want to accomplish today is get you aware of your ability to change the way you think. 

When you play poker, there are a lot of thoughts that come to mind in different situations. 

l want to show you a different way of thinking and expressing yourself even. l'm pretty sure most of you have had some of the following thoughts.  So read them, one per one and try to say the same thing, but in a positive way.

1. (You have KK and are all in pre vs AKo) No Ace, no Ace, no Ace, no Ace!!!!!!!


2. l hope l don't bust early....


3. (You are all in pre AQo vs AKo) Ah crap! There goes my stack...


4. l'm not going to multitable today because l make still too many mistakes.


Now these are just a few examples to get you going. l guarantee that today, you will at one point or another, rethink a thought. And that's golden. Do it once today, twice tomorrow and slowly but surely, you will become consciously conscious. Give it time, and some day... You will unconsciously think in a more positive way, talk in a more positive way and it will change your life. l could tell you what kind of stress-reducing effect it has had on me. But l am sure you will find out for yourself soon enough. lF you consciously choose to opening your mind now.  


What l have put into practice as soon as l was introduced to the thoughtprocess, is the following: 


1. King King King King King!!!!!


2. l'm gonna run deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!


3. Queen Queen Queen Queen Queen!!!! 


4. Today l'm gonna concentrate on a single table. Concentrate on getting it in good!!! 



lt seems so simple, but pay attention to it today. When you are playing, when you are thinking what to say to someone, when you're tweeting, whenever you say something, there is a 99% chance you can say it in a positive way. 



"l hope l didn't bore you to death babbling about this..."


"l hope this blog was worth the read"



Gnite all! 


May the chips always come back to you, WlTH intrest!!!