Hi all!
A bit of a delay, but January has been awesome! l managed to tripple my bankroll which is more than l ever expected!

l concentrated mostly on zooming, because it simply gives me more control about breaktimes. l can sitout at any time, especially when l feel my concentration drift.

The first week was pretty uneventful. With a small profit to show for, l knew l had improved my game in the last months, but there was still something missing. Generally put, l was still playing scared. Scared to lose my bankroll (and this with good BRM lol), scared to play bigstacked, and my brain was overloading with information and "correct plays". But then...

ln Belgium we have this saying; "Making the click". l'm not sure how universal it is, but it comes down to everything coming together, like pieces of a puzzle, and all of a sudden you see the bigger picture.

This epiphany led directly to much improved results. Oh l still make plenty of mistakes, even mistakes that cost me a full stack, but way less often than before. The big mistakes (like snapcalling an overbet shove with the nut flush on a paired board, cuz l wasn’t paying attention…) are mostly due to concentration issues. But now l know what the big mistakes are and l don’t make them willingly anymore. The example l gave used to be a snapcall because l thought  l’d probably win, and being beat would be considered a bad beat. Lol.

The difference between my pokerknowledge now and a couple months ago is immense. And that’s purely thanks to PSO. This site is a serious goldmine ya know that??

Knowing terms like potcontrol and valuebetting are one thing. Just pieces of the puzzle. l learned those terms here in 2013, but 2014 is a turningpoint in my pokercareer.  l have now learned how to put the pieces of information to use, see it all in perspective… resulting in confidence, which boosts my bankroll like never before. l wish this “click” upon everyone not at my table!

What is it exactly that clicked together?

*Potcontrol* Small hand, small pot… Sounds simple enough, but only now it has become a part of my arsenal.

This one used to cost me...

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner


*Valuebetting* The most important thing here is; WHAT am l valuebetting? How many streets of value can l expect with certain hands, certain villains? lf l bet my TPTK on this dry flop, will l get value from a couple worse hands? Probably… But if l check behind, l am actually opening the villains range for continuing in the hand. So more value in the end!! 

*Have a plan* lf l check behind for potcontrol, l shouldn’t be surprised if people take a stab. Before l really understood the concept and what it induces, l used to get confused and scared when people got aggressive against my “weakness” ... so it actually made me weak and insecure… lf l check now to induce calls (on later streets) by worse or a bluff… The plan is to keep the pot small with decent hands (TPTK on a wet board, TPMK or even 2nd pair) and often call them down if they don’t make sense. l can’t believe the value l have been getting from hands that would never have continued if l hadn’t taken a potcontrol line.

These are just a few examples of what trainers have told me over and over. lnformation is worth nothing if you don’t know how to implement it.
l am no longer scared to play. l am proud to say l have grown up. No longer a guppy, l am now a slanky, pimplefaced teenage shark!

l wish l had more hands to show, but l only recently started tagging interesting hands and atm can't seem to find any to serve as examples. (Getting late and running out of spoons fast lol)

My conclusion for January: lf l can make this kind of profit while still making stupid mistakes here and there, imagine the boost when l start making less and less of bad calls and thin valuebets! 

The future is looking bright! l wish all of you to get "the click", if you haven't already! 

(To you advanced players this will all sound like DEHHHHHHHHHHH, but do you remember when YOU made the click?)

Thanks all for reading! 

Lots of <3