Hi all!


So I've been running baaaaaaaaad... or playing bad? It's one of the two... lol

For the past week I've been concentrating on S&G's in stead of zooming. I was having no success at all @ the S&G's and decided a break was necessary, so I switched to my favorite format: Zooming. Some of you who know me, have seen me shortstacking in the 2NL pool. Which for me was a 1NL pool lol.

Learning more and more about cashplay has messed with my shortstacking. Trying to apply full stack tactics on half of the stack just doesn't work. Add to that being more insecure than I used to be zooming, I set myself up for failure. I was making mistakes all over the place, not following my usual strategy really didn't feel comfortable and cost me 4$ in one session, which for my bankroll is huge lol.

I recently caved and downloaded the trial version of PT4. The first sessions zooming (last month) were verrrry profitable. I couldn't believe acting based on stats would be that easy! At this time I was still shortstacking and running awesome. Which got me into trouble, thinking it was more the (ab)use of the stats than my play. I have been a medium succesfull shortstacker and adding the advantage of stats to that really paid off. I was still in the groove from playing my usual game, and it was going really well. Till I started thinking. Bad bad thing for a blonde to think! (just kidding, kinda, lol)

Having attended, seen and read a good load of training about cashgames, I thought I would stray from my shortstacking ways to finally get the value from my play I deserved. Forgetting for a second that my bankroll isn't equipped for 2NL at all. (Thats why I shortstack in the first place...) Losing to a bad beat and (tilt) screwing up the next round, I was down way more than I could afford.  I didn't run good, I ran scared! All of a sudden, with (too much) cash at stake, my usual game was off. Whatever I had, I was sure anyone who called had something better. I was a floating target and I knew it. I had to get out of there before I lost half my BR. So I reluctantly went back to the S&G's. Reluctantly because I was 1-tabling. My VPP are way behind my target, I'm gonna miss out on bonusses because there is no way I can make enough VPP this month. I wasn't even as far as at 10% into my 150 goal. Pretty depressing, especially with the Mission Week coming up again, which I miss out on too. (Still 100VPP to go to fully clear my pre-existing bonus...)

Shaking it off isn't easy and the S&G's didn't go well either. After a couple losing 0.50$ Turbos, I needed a pick-me-up in the form of Spacegravy's S&G videos. They give me that boost every time to shove loose in the later stages and remind me of what is +EV again. I made 2nd the next 45m I played. Gotta love that dude!

The next couple of S&G's didn't go well, and the more times I ran bad, the worse I started to play again. I guess my Spacegravy-high ran out

Don't get me wrong, I was still following the shove chart well, but I got insecure after a couple Turbos with really laggy tables. So I tightened up. I didn't realise it untill today, and I needed another pick-me-up. Unfortunately, I wasn't playing at home, didn't have my earphones with me and couldn't watch any vids.  :-'(

I saw my BR going down half a dollar at a time. I moved to 180m after my 2nd place because the payout was kind of disappointing. (Keeping in mind I needed to boost my BR to be able to get my VPP without risking too much) I know the variance can be pretty hurtfull with a bigger field, but I had my eye on the prize. I only need to win one to break even 50+ tournaments, so I didn't worry too much when I didn't make a FT in the next dozen. The dozen after that did worry me. I saw my BR going down and down and down.... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Time to check what's going on! What is this??? Is this variance? Just bad luck? Okay I did encounter some annoying suckouts. Which hurt more than they should because I was just playing one at a time. I checked PT4 for my stats and there it was, staring me in the face. 20% ITM, -50% ROI. I was tightening up again! Letting the LAG's run over me, passing up opportunities because they call so wide and suck out so often. I knew I had to get past it and buck up! I'm better than half these guys, I know I am. I just needed a boost. But first a break, till I can check some vids and regain confidence.

This time Chewy came to the rescue. His vids loosened me up again and even got me convinced of multitabling. Mostly because of "A suckout doesn't hurt as bad when u have other tables to play" And it's so true. As long as you're making the right calls/shoves, the ones that are +EV, a suckout shouldn't tilt you, it should make you smile! These guys are the ones you'll be making money off in the long run! Don't yell at donks or fishies for sucking out, thank them silently and even congratulate them out loud! (For making a bad play, but no need to mention that hahaha) 

Dang I rambled on for long lol. Comes down to this... I loosened up, made some scary but +EV shoves and it paid off. I just made 2nd in a 180m. My first time ever! I had the winner beat too.. skillwise. He was way too tight to be +EV, but crippled my stack with J4 vs my84 on a 44 board lol. What r the odds of that heads-up on the FT? My next buttonshove got called quickly. (my QTo vs his AKo) No suckout this time, but you can bet I'll make that shove all day.

My BR is almost back where I started and I'm sure that when I start to tighten up again, I'll realise it sooner this time. I'm not just an average player, I'm a guppy training to be a shark!!!

Loads of <3 and may your shoves hold,



P.S I wanna thank Spacegravy & ChewMe1 for saving my butt this month. And ofcourse my other favorites,ArtySmokesPS, TheLangolier, frosty012, xflixx, GarethC23 & ahar010 for giving their precious time to make us better. You guys rock <333