Reviewing my past month I was happy to discover I made over $40 in profit!

I must admit, half of the profit came from the awesome freerolls PS has to offer, but none the less a great accomplishment as it's the first monthly online profit I have ever made.

I reached some of last months goals, not much changed after my November update unfortunately.

I haven't been able to play much in the past week due to getting the flu on top of my already crappy health and it leaves me sniffling through this blog today, hoping for healthier days to come lol

Right before the end of the month I saw my Open Skill League ranking drop to 497. My goal was ending up in the top 200 which at this point didn't seem possible anymore. I figured I'd start over in December and maintain a better position, unless... If I could stick in the top 500, I'd get my first Premier League ticket ever and spank that league in the upcoming month.

To ensure full payment of winnings in the Premier League, I'd need 150VPP, which was my set goal.

If I didn't make the top 500 at the end of the month, the 150VPP wouldn't be necessary, so being at 143 VPP I decided to see where the league took me before I strained myself for those extra VPP.

For the first time in 3 tournaments I faced . 5000 people to go. I hovered over the callbutton when a LAG shoved his big stack in early position. Sitting with about 9BB I knew I had to do something if I wanted to secure my top 500 position in the league. The only way to go up in the league would be to double up right now. I called and saw the good news: . Untill the flop came ofcourse... There went my league position and any chance of making it up.

Part of this bad beat was relief though. I really didn't feel up to grinding another 7 VPP and I was guaranteed a full payout in next months Open League anyway. So I gave up for the month and didn't play another hand for the next couple of days.

When I checked my mail the day before yesterday, I thought I was seeing things. A mail from PSO awarding me a Premier League ticket. WUT?? How'd that happen? I know I ended up in the late 600's, so there must have been a lot of people not eligible and it passed down to me. YAY! First ticket ever! DANG! Why oh why didn't I grind those 7 VPP? lol

Lesson learned. This month I'll grind 150VPP way before the month is over. Well as soon as this flu leaves my system... I'm at 0/150 right now lol.

I participated in 2 Premier Leagues so far and the competition is tough. I think I'll read up on some strategies before I try another one.

I'll keep this months goals simple, as I don't know how the next days will unfold.




Top 800 Premier League


Simple eh? lol


Aside from the playing-goals I will concentrate on S&G trainings and ofcourse the live trainings available. So I'll see you guys there!


Lots of <3,