Hi all!

November so far hasn't been what I hoped for healthwise. Too bad positive thinking can't get me out of this one haha. It really cut into my playingtime, as concentration is a real issue when I feel like crap.

Aside from my health, pokerwise I have been stuck with an information tilt. I realised it in the beginning of the month, but aknowledging the problem is only step 1 and up untill today I haven't been able to get out of it. Well I'm not out of the woods yet, but getting there for sure!

Lets look at my goals for this month and go over them one at a time. Some fun things happened in my pokerworld so let's see what the future brings!



Top 200 in the Skill League

150 VPP

Make 13$ to repay my BFF

Cash in the Red Spade Open Freebuy

Top 40 in BPC Freebuy League

Get my first Big Bang ticket ever!



Top 200 in the Skill League

- If you read my November Goals blog,( http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/blogs/Ashalina77/november-s-gonna-be-ubah&nbsp you might have noticed that I was a little off concerning the VPP I needed to cash fully in the league I am in. Which is only 20+VPP. Thats what you get for reading information at full speed and low concentration lol.

- I haven't been able to concentrate on the Open League at all. So when I enter, it's just to get a point here and there, avoiding early busts that would cost me. Early in the month I made the top 200 but have been faltering since. The tiny points are too deep in, so when I do play, I have to make sure I have the concentration to go deeper than the top 25%. Wish I had listened to myself.. I'm now down to the top 350 and it won't be easy getting back into the top 200. Especially when you see AA get cracked by T4o so often there...

- And there's a downside to slooooowplaying the league, it messes with my mind when it comes to other tournaments. Coming from ubertight play, I get scared to play any cards and it takes a while to shake it off.



150 VPP

Oh yeah baby, almost there! I'm currently @ 102 VPP so a couple days of zooming should get me there in no time.



Make 13$ to repay my BFF

DONE!!! I cleared part of my PSO bonus and got a 10€ payout, which I instantly sent to my BFF. (Bankroll up 8$ at that point + the 10€)



Cash in the Red Spade Open Freebuy

Yeah well no lol. Didn't make it to the PSO ticket, so didn't even have the choice of cashing out or playing, which made my life easier! Haha (Positive thinking all the way... )


Top 40 in the BPC Freebuy League

I haven't exactly been doing well in the freebuys to be honest. I used them to try out new things I learned and messed up overthinking stuff lol. I mostly have issues with playing a full table with 4 people sitting out. Seems like everything I did was wrong...

Untill today!!!! I have been watching and rewatching training videos on shove ranges, which as it turns out have helped me massively today. I made 4th out of 206 ladies! It added about 9$ to my bankroll which is awesomeeeeee.

/so proud of myself


Get my first Big Bang Ticket ever!

Oh yeah baby! My November Goals blog actually earned that for me! I was sooooo happy when I saw that stamp on my screen!

I went into the Big Bang totally feverish unfortunately,which made me nervous and my mind completely blanked. I was playing very weakly, and ofcourse you good PSOers noticed that. I busted way before the bubble. But I'll spank y'all when I get another chance!!!



My bankroll has never been this healthy! Bankrollmanagement is working very well. I haven't been in the red since the month started and in total... I now more than trippled my bankroll!!!

I am proud of my BM now, something I couldn't say previously. Also I have been reading/watching a lot, which I definitely won't stop doing. And I think I read the most important forumpost ever for any pokerplayer that's having issues with an informationtilt:


It put things in perspective for sure!



Fun stuff in my pokerworld!

The only reason I started a Twitter Account, was to follow news about Poker and OMG I'm not sorry! PokerStarsWomen holds a weekly competition, one of which, was sending in your fav pokerface... and I was one of the 2 winners! http://pic.twitter.com/molox23ewX

Appareantly I'm too blonde to insert the picture here so u'll have to click through to see my Jokerface

I won an 11$ PCA ticket which ofcourse I busted cuz I'm not used to playing at that lvl and got insecure again... lol




Some day no Information will tilt me!

Some day no buy-in lvl will tilt me!

Today I am a better player!

Tomorrow I'll be an even better player!


<3 Thank You PSO <3


I wish you all lots of luck and confidence on and off the tables, thanks for reading!!!