I was so excited when I read about the November Missions and I instantly signed up for the one where u need to make 30VPP in a weeks time.

Easy, as it's about my weekly goal anyway. After a couple days of feeling crappy but still managing a VPP here and there, I checked my balance and found out that my VPP weren't counting towards the bonus! I still have a bonus from Pokerschool open, which runs out in februari 2014. I distinctively remember reading that if you have another bonus running, it will add VPP to the one that runs out first. So I mailed support and got the following cooler:

I have to finish my PS bonus first before I can start on my 30VPP mission. Because I've already made more VPP toward that bonus than I have towards the new bonus. Which means I need not 30VPP in the next 3 days, but about 300.

Impossible with my bankroll of currently 18$, I nearly tilted and fell for the trap of raising my stakes.

I find it quite unfair for people in my position, who have worked hard to get halfway a 20$ bonus, only to get sucked out of a promotion that should even the playing field.

So I'll just go sour grapes on it... I would have busted out the first hand anyway! Nah!


/ not so positive today

/ disappointed

/ sowwy for the rant, had to spew ^^