Last night,  as I was pondering on what I should set as my goal for the next month, I realised I only needed 11 VPP to get to 150 and secure a full payout when I make the top 2k on the leaderboard in November.



Other than the last couple of days, October was a pretty crappy month for me healthwise, which unfortunately shows in my rankings. The last couple days increased my rank drastically, so I am very confident of making the top 2000, as long as I play ubertight when I don't feel up to playing, so I can still get a point here in there in stead of busting out and messing it all up.

Now, getting 11 VPP in a couple hours may seem easy for a lot of you, but I busted my bankroll during the month, and gathered only about 2 dollars back from Privilege Freerolls and BPC Freebuys.

Normally I don't mind taking the risk on 1/2c Zoom games and building something back up, but that wouldn't cut it VPP wise. So I asked my BFF to stake me 10€  to Zoom for those VPP @ 2/5c. Having my tricks for tiny bankrollmanagement, (Buy in minimum and run with any profit, wash, rinse, repeat... lol, which builds up a buffer for those bad-beat busts.) about 4 hours later I finally got there, short-term goal reached and a 1$ profit!  YAY!!!

So now I'm standing strong for the leaderboard this month, I can't wait to start! I checked a couple of the top 200 players and the strategy seems to be: Don't bust out early and play every tournament available. Since I do sleep at times, their strategy doesn't seem valuable to me, so I'm going for the top 400 everytime I actually play. Running a tight game for half an hour usually gets you to the top 4000 and then it's down to skill. Which I have. On good days haha.

The time inbetween the freerolls, I will be using to secure my 150 VPP for this month. I'm not quite sure how I will go about it yet. (Today was another crappy day, only just starting to wake up and it's nearly time for bed...I'll decide either during this blog or tomorrow morning) Probably 1.5$ 50/50 S&G's which are pretty low risk for my crappy bankroll, (as long as I have the energy to read the players that is) or 1/2c Zooms.

I wanted to pay back the 10 € as soon as I got my 150 VPP but my BFF refused and said she doesn't want it back untill I doubled my bankroll. She hasn't been active much so she doesn't need it back right away. That's a relief! It gives me some wiggle room, which always boosts my confidence.


Okay, so November for me will look like this :

* Skill League Freerolls

* Privilege Freerolls NO REBUYS

* Zoom 1/2c for VPP + bankrollbuffer

* VIP Weekly freerolls

* BPC Freebuy League NO REBUYS

* Zoom 1/2c & 2/5c reading (I'll post about it later)

* Red Spade Open Freebuy NO REBUYS

* 1.5$ 50/50 S&G's

@ 26$, repay 10€

@ 50$ 1.5$ Normal S&G's For the weekly league

(Crappy days will consist of freerolls, a little less crappy days of 0.25 Normal S&G's and zoomreading)


Today was unfortunately a really crappy day up untill about an hour ago. I'm happy I stuck to not wasting money and just playing 2 Privilege Freerolls and the BPC Freebuy. Cashed 0.22$ so that ain't bad for a bad day huh? Haha



Top 200 in the Skill League

150 VPP

Make 13$ to repay my BFF

Cash in the Red Spade Open Freebuy

Top 40 in BPC Freebuy League

Get my first Big Bang ticket ever!


I look forward to upgrading my goals to:

Top 50 in the Skill League

500 VPP

Make 47$ to start S&G League

Top 20 in BPC Freebuy League


Fingers crossed!


Good luck at the tables all! <3




P.S Oops, forgot I bought in for a 60c KO Homegame, so I better get spanking! Maybe see some of you there!

P.P.S Busted out first in the KO Homegame, played truly badly, pushed-reraise all in on top pair cuz it's KO (messed with my mind lol... so wasn't prepared) and never set the other player on the tris because I had no read on him at all... Silly me, better tomorrow!!!

P.P.P.S Kept myself from playing for about an hour, then figured I wanted some action, though my mind was clearly not in the right place. Decided up front I would max lose 3$ zooming.

                6 x 1 $  Buy-in

                1 x  +1.10$

                1 x  +1.40$

                1 x  +1.07$

             = - 2.84$


Lost stack once cuz of crappy play, once QQ vs AKs (3BB UTG, he pushed my 3 x reraise) and once I got tricked with my 44 tris vs his 77 tris which he checked on the flop (the dangers of having no read...) I consider it no bad beats as I had no reads at all. So tomorrow first thing will be a zoomreading session!!!


Gnite <333