I've been a PSO member for months now and there is so much value in what I've learned.

Though I have the same problem here as I used to have in school and  in my worktrainings.

So much valuable information. Information that really helps you out in making decissions. But what's the use of information if you don't know how to interpret it?

I joined PSO just because it was an option, but didn't know what it would bring me. I was a recreational player with a far away dream of playing live against the pros. I consider myself better in live games because at least then I can use my charms hahaha. Unfortunately my health prohibits me going anywhere, even a tournament close to home isn't an option at the moment. So I play the cards I'm dealt and decided to improve my online game.

I admit, I was a giant fish, close to a bingoplayer at times, so I busted my bankroll more than once. (I'm still a fish when I lack energy or concentration, feel free to come find out what state of mind I'm in xD)

Being out of work, restacking was no option. And so I went for the freerolls. Like so many others, joining the PSO freeroll just to get to the money. Imagine my surprise when I made the final table! Being in the same tournament for hours, I was pretty much brainwashed by the messages about joining the league and who knows, make some cash at the end of the month. That was the turningpoint for me. I actually started to check out the site, the leaguerequirements, taking the quizzes before the courses, arrogant as I was, passing them barely, without having really understood the questions lol.

My ego doesn't like failing though, so I manned up and started reading. And reading. And reading.

So much information!!! So much I didn't know!!! But now.. with all this information in my head... I tried so hard to play correctly, that anyone not following poker etiquette pissed me off badly, tilting me with a donkbet and messing me up completely. So that final table, I haven't seen since before I went for the leaguepoints...

Following someone elses strategy without understanding every thought behind it, isn't exactly the best thing to do. Make sure that when u absorb information, you have that click of understanding. Make the information your own, strategise for yourself what feels good. Don't push to blindsteal with cards that the rules said you should push with, follow your gut, and READ your opponent. Everything written on this site has value, but it's only worth gold when you combine everything in your own strategy!

Oh... And don't write a blog while you should be concentrating on the tournament that just popped up... lol



In short:  Don't let information work against you, understand it before you use it!