Hi guyz & gals!

For those who read my previous blogposts, it must seem I only post when I'm on a roll. So once every 6 months or so hahaha.

Though I have been losing pretty much everything I've played lately, I'm afraid its mostly due to my health which has taken a downswing... My concentration lasts about 5 minutes, can't even find the strength to take decent notes or colorcode like I should. So I've just been frustrating myself more by playing micro S&G's which r a serious donkfest anyways and acting like them instead of adapting to them.

As far as blogging goes, these couple lines ask a lot of energy, so unfortunately I won't be able to spew my experiences here as much as I'd want to. Sometimes I can barely formulate a decent sentence. So I'll take advantage of this moment and ask you all something I've been wondering about...

How do you guys colorcode? And can we start a petition to make double/tripple/quadruple colorcoding an option on PS?

I'd love to have the option to express more info in colors, as I am not a fan of HUD info blocking half my screen ^^ 


Hope to talk to you soon,

Ash <3