I won my first 0.25$ Sit & Go ever! Yayyyyyyyyy!


After dabbling in different strategies, combining tips and tricks from PSO with my weird logic.. I did it!

I've done well in tournaments before, but a lot of that had to do with luck, I thought... And because I thought it was just luck, I started to doubt my cards. Seeing agressive loose players win so many pots, (and seeing a lot of them go bye-bye...)  the odds started to scare me. And as soon as I thought like that... my stack goes downhill. Some days it feels like you can't do anything wrong, but when you really think of it, was it because of good play? Or just that little bit of luck you need?


The good days are the days that I'm not afraid to bluff here and there. The bad days are the days where before I even get my cards, I'm sure they won't hold up anyway, so why bother calling that loose guys all in with AKos? I fold! And then the in-between days.. where it goes up and down a lot, I end up in the money but thats it... Those days I use a strategy and when it works I'll stick to it. Works for a while that is hahaha. Oh well, it keeps me humble!

So the Sit & Go today was awesome. Although (against all good judgement) I was playing way above my bankroll admits... I was relaxed. I get that people who want to be professional players should have a bigger bankroll, I completely understand and I aim to get there. But in the meantime I'll stick with my current strategy... Bankroll gets to 0? Fine, Privilege freeroll it is! Aim? Get to the money.

I win 20c? Ubah! Now a 0.10c and if I screw that up myself, I drop to 0.02c S&Gs. If I analyse the hand that kicks me out and it really was well played, and a real bad beat, then I go for the 0.10c again. Bankroll empty? Back to the privilege freerolls yayyayayayayay.

So now I'm rich!!!

What to do what to do.... I think I'll get up, try to walk around and stretch my muscles. Then I'll stretch my brain again on the cashtables, I need my Chromestatus for this month!


Hope to amuse you soon,





P.S I have some weird illness, doctors have been wondering for years what it is, but I'm pretty much stuck on a matrass in the livingroom all day cuz my muscles seem to be giving up. When life gives me time to expand my pokerskills, I'll use it well!!! Hahahahaha