First of all, I would like to say that the site has helped me no end with my poker so I thought I would give back and make a awesome blog which is to be updated regularly. 

As a few of you may already know last week I managed to bust my roll (~$2k) playing high level zoom heads up which I have experienced some success in the past, and now I'm looking to reload my account and build up just playing my favoured game of STTs. 

Overall, through my time playing poker which has been regularly for the last 6 months I have lost a fair amount of money and I feel this is due to my bad bankroll management, don't get me wrong I have lost a lot compared to the average player but I am in no financial problems due to it but I would very much like to make this money back, which will be another incentive for winning and building my roll. 

I will be reloading my account to $177, which will give me 100 buyins in the smallest $1.50 turbo full ring STTs and from there I will be looking to build it up to some high stakes STTs taking my time grinding through the buyin levels. I will aim for at least a 20% ROI all my way through the levels by doing this I will be always aiming for the win in them rather than crippling my stack from blinds and trying to achieve the 3rd place for a high ITM%. 

The reason for the extra $27 is because I will be playing in the first event of the TCOOP which I feel I have a chance of being successful in, I have always felt confident with my turbo play so the idea of a Turbo championship of poker is awesome for me and I will try and play more events if I do well in this one. I will be playing with the aim of finishing in the top places rather than being the "bubble boy" unless I am extremely short stacked. 


Throughout 2014, I will be focussing 95% on STTs with the odd MTT involved aswell but these will only be tournaments with big guarantees as I find the big field MTTs enjoyable and if I don't win I feel they are a learning curve for my game. 

I have decided to take a couple of months break away from live poker, which I have been reasonably successful at in recent months. I have been playing regularly and sometimes have experienced very good evenings but I recently experienced one very bad evening which has put me off with two bad beats occuring which cost me a fair bit of money. 

Also feel free to message me via the Private message system on the site if you want to make friends as having friends who play poker aswell who I can regularly speak to about the game I feel I will be able to improve both my game and yours.