This is my first ever blog on PSO so I hope this will not be as ridiculous as the English essays that everyone have to write during high school in Australia and New Zealand (and other English speaking countries).

I usually come to the PSO site to check out other users blog and see how their poker journey goes, and today I saw mytton's blog on WBCOOP, which is well written and got me interested in the WBCOOP, so I had a look on Pokerstars website to see the conditions for the championship, and so here I am, writing my first ever poker blog thanks to mytton and WBCOOP.

If anyone is reading this blog, just as a FYI, I'm a recreational poker player and I have been playing on Pokerstars since last year. My interest in poker started to increase towards the end of last year as one of my uni mate is making a pretty sweet living from playing poker (uni student's standard, which is pretty low), so it got me started to think about playing more seriously, as this could let me pay the rest of my uni fees by earning money myself instead of using the student loan the government is so keen for everyone to use. PSO has really helped me improve with the discussions of the players in the forum and the useful videos on the site.

So thats enough about why I'm doing this blog, well most of it. Just a little more. On the Pokerstars page, , it has a prize that whoever win the best blogger prize can get a $5000 cash (its probably just money that is put into the winners Pokerstars account), which would be a decent boost to my current bankroll and the majority of that money would definitely help me pay this semesters uni fee.

Yeah its nice to have a little dream about how to get some free money but the more important thing is to improve my poker skills, as this will give me the chance to play some poker and learn from those who are better than me, and if I manage to play some decent poker, I might be able to make the money and hopefully give me some much needed confidence (for poker, obviously).

The WBCOOP schedule have some very interesting tournaments, and I think I will probably play in the NLHE events, like everyone else that is participating (it is, after all, the most popular poker variant), both the full ring and 6-max events, and also some PLO. I started playing some PLO when I went to a casino,I saw a table playing PLO, and watching those people playing with their 4 hole cards and it just intrigued me that i cannot figure out what is their hole cards, and ever since than, I've been learning how to play PLO and hopefully, during the championship, I can learn more from playing against players with more experience.

Anyway, I've been writing long enough, I think I'll stop and hopefully this post will be to horrible for those of you that read it. BTW if you care about grammar, I'm sorry if there is/are any.