"You can't change your fate."

WHY? Why not?

I know this might sound philosophical and all. So, if you are squeamish, stop reading now! Go try out a new recipe or a new game or go watch some sport on TV.
If you're still reading, welcome to my world!

All of us have ups-and-downs. Like the line on one of those fancy heart rate monitoring machines. Up and down she goes. That's a sign that i am alive. When that line goes flat, well, my heart ain't beating! So, up and down is the only way, not the best, but the only. We all LOVE roller-coaster rides!

Being a gambler, life has MANY ups and downs. i lost money this weekend with sports betting because i wager money on games where emotion was involved. Rule number one of sports betting: don't bet when emotions are involved. All rules in sports betting are number one rule, right?
I also loose money playing Poker. I also win money playing Poker. Previously (and still now and then) i'd go on tilt. Blaming the software, cursing the donkey. Anybody. Anything. Just-not-myself.

Then, i saw the light. Change your destiny.
I started studying Poker: STUDIED books, PARTICIPATED in forums (mostly just reading what others had to say), STUDIED some videos, TALKED about it with friends, hey, even to myself in the shower.
I stopped blaming others.

And the best that came out of all of this: i stress less. i have learnt to accept. Not fate. Circumstances.

So, that's how i challenge the fact that "YOU CAN'T CHANGE FATE" and the mere fact that i don't just accept fate, makes me feel better already.

It's not about studying poker, it's about doing something about it.

This is true for everything in life.