ok this whole thing with the us government is such crap, and figures right when I deposit money in the site to play and get my vpp's up I get screwed link this.  They couldn't wait oh I dont know maybe another month or possibly not do this just to get money out of the poker sites, and no I don't have any of the details as to why they did this, but really Gov really?  I mean try fixin your spending before you go after these kinds of sites.  

Your taking away some of my entertainment time, some of the time I've set aside to not just play a game but possibly win some money off of using real skill (lol and maybe some luck).  Yet you have to go after these guys and party poker and full tilt.  Now its one thing to find a site and company thats cheating or something like that.  But I found no such thing here.  Sure couple times I wondered if someone had a cheat up and could see my cards or if pocket rockets always lost to everything else like 2,Q off suit to trips or even quads.  But then again when your on the downswing who doesnt feel that way.

All in all I'm gana find somewhere to go B**ch about this and get the gov off my but and the but of this site.  Oh I'm pissed about this!!