Ok so its my first month of playing in the pso league and got to say I"m doing decent.  Just as my title says, lol.  I did well in the begining probly off more luck than real knowledge of the proper way to play poker.  proper being the way the courses show you how to read the hands, positions, and when and how to bet against the big stack/ small stack.  Dont get me wrong I've been play been playing Texas Hold'em since it really hit main stream and I know how to stay alive and win a bit in the casinos.  But online is a bit different.

Still thought thanks to the likes of players like: mclinda, luckyjc, watchtowel, carnalclown, and others I've had the pleasure of playing against and chat with away from the tables, I've gotten a lot better.  lol reading the courses definitely helps as well =P

Though my biggest problem has been consistency apong the turni's.  I figured once I get that down I'll be doing fine.  Though I still hate getting drawn out on the river....being rivered sucks!! And those who've had it happen to them would agree.

But through out this month I'm at $0.33 cents (not now but highest) from nothing.  Mostly from the NAPL Rookie Division that I got my first $0.12 cents, the rest has been placing in the money in the PSO.  And from starting at nothing, that pretty good.  I'm down to just about $0.12 cents now cause I tried picking up some VPP's in a 0.1/ 0.2 cent sit and go but I just ended up wasting my 0.20 cents.  Now I know you need the VPP's to help become active on the PSO and well thats going to take a while.  See I can't deposit (stupid credit card resrictions =P ) so I'm stuck working my long grind upward to the dollar marks.  But I'm fine with that, I can just get better with my game.

So if anything to you who are reading this...wat adivce can you give this new player?