Today's bounty games in the PSO Homegame club were great fun. I love the deepstacked turbo format, as there's a lot of play early on, but then I can go into pushbot mode later on, which is something I find quite relaxing, as the decisions are all made pre-flop and it basically comes down to math and luck. (I'm good at math, but not so good at luck, but what can you do? )

This hand was still fairly early on in the real money event, but I was down to 10bb, when I found an ace in late position. This seemed good enough to shove, and I was fortunate that royalraise85 was in desperate need of chips, so called off with QJs. This is actually a flip (I have about 53% equity) but neither of us improved on the board, so my ace high held on to win. Good game, Paul!

I used the chips to make a run to the final table and I had a lot of fun doing so, while listening in to Dave's excellent (and extended!) training session.

Thanks a lot guys! See you in next month's events.