Hi everyone!

I first want to thank all of you that contacted me after my previous blog. I was overwhelmed by the response I got via PMs, Skype, Twitter and comments on the blog itself. I knew I had a few subscribers, but I didn't expect over 30 comments, including some from people I'd never heard of before! It's hugely rewarding to know I've helped many of you with improving your game. The feedback was just what I needed as encouragement to keep going. Thanks a LOT to everyone for your good wishes.

I don't wish to continue talking about my family's health problems. There's not a lot I can do there, after all, but there are some good doctors and nurses in various places looking after everyone. My "first world problems" also seem like nothing much to worry about, given what's been happening in the Phillipines. Suffice to say that I've got a new appreciation of the value of life and relationships with friends and families. I'll be phoning my mum a lot more often than I was doing, and I'm also looking after my own health a bit better. *blows cobwebs off atrophied biceps*

With regard to poker, I've had a couple of weeks off and I've missed the game more than I expected. I'm now devoting more time to studying than I was before, as I want to try and move out of the lowest limits. I'm still unsure on what to specilize in, but I may go back to playing more cashgames and less tourneys, possibly on a few different sites, instead of just Pokerstars. I'm putting together some sort of timetable that will mean I have at least 2 days a week on which I don't play at all, as I don't want poker to take over my life again, and risk another burnout.

Since there are apparently so many subscribers, and also because I find it useful to put my poker thoughts in writing, I'll continue with my ABC guide, with the next part going up in the next couple of days. Other that that, you won't see me being particularly active on PSO (not like I used to be, anyway!) but I'll be lurking in most of the training sessions.

As usual, I wish you all good luck in life and on the virtual felt.