I've gone a bit blog crazy this week, as this is my third post in 3 days. Usually, I'm talking about playing very straightforwardly and betting for value in nanostakes games, but today - strictly for entertainment -  I'm posting 3 videos from high stakes games. The plays you see in these hands would be suicidal at microstakes.

Any clip that starts with the words "Phil Ivey has over a million dollars now" is gonna be good, but this 3-barrel bluff by Tom Dwan with 9 high is insane. Gabe Kaplan's dry wit is great at the start, and his analysis when things get serious is spot on. Everyone at the table knows that Dwan is bluffing here. I think even Ivey knows he's good on the river, but he just can't bring himself to call when the pot is so big. Don't try this at 2NL, kids!

Dwan is back to his wild ways in this crazy hand, again taken from 'High Stakes Poker'. The funniest thing is that Barry Greenstein raises AA UTG... and everyone calls, so it's a family pot. What is this, the Hubble freeroll? Dwan steps way out of line on the flop, but then he rectifies this apparent mistake, by analysing his opponents perfectly. Dwan's actual hand doesn't matter at all. It's all about putting his opponents on ranges (or even exact hands), repping a monster that beats them, and forcing them to fold. Kaplan has no idea what the hell is going on on the flop, and neither do the other players. Dwan is a wizard!

This last hand was the most amazing hand from the 2012 WSOP Main Event. It was played between two loose aggressive players, close to the end of day 3 (I think), when most players were happy to bag up their chips and come back the next day. Henry Tran decided this was a great time to steal some blinds, so opened with arguably the worst heads up hand of all: 32o. Ben Alcober was aware of Tran's wild man image, so decided to 3-bet light with K8s. (At least he had a blocker to KK!). Then it just gets completely crazy. Enjoy Norman Chad and Lon McEachern's commentary, and think about the monster hands these guys are repping with all that raising. Finally, marvel at the sickest river call you'll ever see. If your reaction isn't like Peltecchi's face at the end, I'll be amazed.