It's time for the second part of April's Big Bang Final table, featuring commentary from from CannonLee, Roland GTX and ArtySmokesPS.

If you missed part 1, you can see it on Cannon's blog HERE.

After 2 knockouts in part 1, and with blinds at 1250/2500, there are 7 remaining players and their stack sizes in descending order are as follows:

0pp0rtuniy 180,859 (72 bb)
bolseguito 112,786
EsojestMort 53,941
trukot 53,483
MissIronLedy 44,632
Cubano_RF 30,439
PINOY_HITMAN 25,610 (10bb)

In this part of the video, 0pp0rtunity starts using his big stack to put a lot of pressure on the shorter stacks, by raising many pots in position in order to steal the blinds, but bolseguito gives him a run for his money by playing perhaps even more loosely.
There's not a lot of post-flop play from now on, because stacks are so short that the standard play is to push or fold pre-flop, so most of the big pots are races between pairs and overcards.
You'll hear us talking about bets and raises that are pot-committing, because it's usually a mistake to raise pre-flop from a short-stack and then fold to a shove.

Also in this video, we'll talk about the pros and cons of showing your cards when there's no showdown, developing an image and exploiting it, and we'll also describe the sort of ranges of hands that are playable with this depth of money. There's even an interesting bluff, a very thin value bet, and an audacious hero call.

I hope you enjoy the video. Roland GTX will be posting the final part next weekend, and with any luck he'll also have an interview with the winner.

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Till the next time, good luck on the tables!