11 November 2012


I'm Arty, a British guy that's been donking around at the lowest stakes for about 15 months on 3 poker networks. (I'm a bonus whore, so sue me!)

I've played just over 100,000 hands of NLH cash, mostly on 2NL tables, with a fair bit of success (especially on rival sites to Pokerstars, as they are a fair bit softer), but I have no illusions about becoming a full-time poker pro. I'm a recreational player. I play poker for the same reason I play chess and Scrabble; a fun way to keep my brain occupied. It's nice that I can win a bit of pocket money playing a game, but I find it too stressful when the money at risk becomes "meaningful", so I'm sticking to stakes below 10NL and tourneys with buyins of less than 2 dollars. (I'm prone to anxiety/depression in normal life, so a career in poker would not be wise for me. I get too tilted by the bad beats!)

I recently came back to Pokerstars for 3 main reasons:

1. The software is so much better than the junk offered by rivals.

2. I had a few hundred FPPs sitting in my account that could be used for tourney buy-ins.

3. I wanted to transition to tournaments instead of cash, and Pokerstars simply has so many more tourneys running than other sites. (The tourney traffic on some sites is abysmal, presumably because the rake at the lowest stakes is just about unbeatable.)

So I'm back on Stars, playing 2-3 hours a day. I've got lots to learn about tournament strategy (it's quite a different beast to cash games) but PSO seems to have some excellent free training videos. At the moment, I'm mostly playing 25c Sit n Gos (45 and 90-player), 10c MTTs and a few freerolls (including the 10 FPP and 20 FPP turbos) too. I've not been running too well, and I've not yet played enough games to have any idea which game will give me the best return on investment. The variance is pretty brutal in MTTs, I've found. I've also recognised that my nitty style doesn't work so well in turbo structures, so I'm either going to have to adapt, or just save my money for the deeper stacked tourneys with slow structures like the 55c MTT that runs at 9am and midnight (UK time).

I guess that's all you need to know for now. I'm actually trying to spend less time blogging and posting on forums, and more time studying/playing, as I was totally addicted to the 2+2 forum and had to ban myself from it, but I'm sure you'll see my avatar popping up from time to time, either here on PSO or on the microstakes tables.