Some month ago i started to play on PS for the first time, i didnt have money and i didnt deposit either, hoping to win some money in freerolls and then start to play some decent tournaments.Of course i played some poker in other online poker rooms and i knew that there are some freerolls that i can win, but i didnt knew that it would be so hard, not like in other poker rooms like ipoker, where the freerolls were way, way easier to win and the number of players was less.


   So started to play freerolls and ive won some money and then ive tried to play some small buy-in tournaments where i could build my bankroll and maybe play some bigger ones. In the begging i wasnt winning almost nothing then ive started to play some satelites for bigger tournaments and was there that ive reached something. I actually managed to reach the final table of the hot 4.40$ and i finished 6th, that day was the beggining and at the same time the finish of my biggest bankroll that i ever had on PS.

  After i won 570$ from 6th place at the hot 4.40$, ive started to play allot of big tournaments and big cash games like 100 PLO. I was loosing about 300$, then ive decided to play the hot 55$ (i was on TILT), the funny thing is that i managed to loose that TILT and start play some decent poker again, next thing that i see is me in the final table of hot 55$ with 30k guaranteed. I finished 7th and i won 1.700$ and then i did actually made my biggest mistake of all, ive played 10/20$ cash game with "nanonoko"and i lost everything on a bluff with 10J vs 82 on 885 flop, that night i even played a heads up match with 500$ buy-in, i was kinda drunk too cause i came from a bar, and i wanted to win and win as much as i could in one night ( stupid!!!).

  Now im trying to reach a bankroll like 500$ and im shore that ill never, never make such a mistake that i did before, in fact i think that loosing that bankroll because of me wanting to win allot and being such a stupid like i was, will help me now and ill know what to do when ill reach 500$ or something, cause im pretty sure now im more mature and i now much about poker, so this is the only positive point of me loosing that huge bankroll.

   I hope u guys like my blog cause ive really wanted to share my story to someone that can understand me and not like my friend or parents, who btw have no ide of what im talking about and i cant tell them this kinda stories.BTW, im 19 years old now and i live in Portugal my username on PS is "art_group31". SEE YA ON POKERSTARS!!!