I'm a beginner. A keen one, mind. I try hard to improve. I read up on poker-stuff and I've done some of the courses. I listen hard to my son, who is playing at an advanced level on here and I hope I learn from what he says. On other peoples blogs I've noted some of my ups and some of my notorious downs. I thought I may as well now, have a page of my own.
I've recently recovered from a run of bad beats that would test the patience and integrity of a Saint. Despite bringing everything I'd learned to that point to bear, I recorded 1 single win in 34 games and more or less wiped-out my bankroll.
But recover I did. My SnG win/place and heads-up ratio also recovered and as it happens I'd won my last two tables at micro-stakes before today.
For the first time ever at least online, I tried a few 6-max cash tables. In my first 5 sessions, I made a profit every single time. Things were looking up.
My lad suggested I try a couple of full-ring tables. He felt my playing- style would be suited by them.
So this afternoon, with some trepidation I will admit, I entered my first full-ring micro-stakes cash-game, placing a few of my hard-earned dollars on the table. I hadn't been at the table for more than a hand or two when joy of joy, I was dealt Ace-King on the button. Not just any old A-K either, but A-K of Hearts. I waited for the action to turn to me and raised 4BB's. The SB folded, but the guy in the BB called my raise. The action returned to the previous limpers. They each folded in turn, so went to the flop Heads-up.

The Flop was A-K-4. I had hit top-pair and middle-pair!
I bet the pot.
My opponent called.
You could only conclude that he had been dealt an Ace too. Or a King.
The Turn card was a nothing-card and I bet the pot again.
My opponent called. It looked like quite a pay-day was in the offing.
The last card was a Q and I shoved the remainder of my stack 'all-in'
My opponent called and the hands were showed.
He had called my raise with J-T suited.
He had hit A-K  on the flop which were the same suit and played his outs for a flush and straight.
The Q was the same suit as his J-T.
I had gotten busted and gotten A-K suited beaten by a Royal Flush.

Thanks Poker Gods