What not to like about free?Getting to experiment with manics,all in freaks,an table bullys! I have been playing a long time,litterally burn out.This little fun have helped to create a little interest in poker. I played on line for about 4 year an got burn out,maybe I was just not that good? Then played live for a few years,then coached an sponsored a few players.One did very well,$330k in about 3 years live,in tournaments,in his cash gamem$5/$10 blinds then was a 3k buy in on the cash tables,he made$250k. in about 3 years.he is a Millionare an can afford to work like this.He was sponsored by Bodog when he place fifth in an Wsop event in Vegas a couple years ago,we had worked together on poker for about 90 day pior to the game.It was a great experience for me.He was greatfull I know no one likes to study,but the 6 greatest books you will ever read is Dan Harrinton on cash an toureys. There sold on this site,an no I am not advertising. The biggest thing I try to do is just step back,don't get emtionally involved an play something close to a good game of poker.Not saying I am good at this,lol,to say the least I am just as tempermental as any one else,an definately have my share of bad days,even months an even years. I am like Helmuth,an I agree with all of his emotional out burst,some a little over the edge, but he is usally correct.. Just stick to your A game,an in the long run the percentages come to you. Thank you Arkansaslim