As we play poker and think about the way we think about the game, it is not easy to remove ourselves from our own beliefs to objectively evaluate those beliefs.

As an example, when you read that c-betting is a very valuable asset to obtaining a proper winrate, it is hard to understand when you evaluate your own game that your c-betting ability may not reflect the purpose of c-betting.

It is a quandary that you can not properly evaluate what it is you are not deeply knowledgeable of.

This is and always will be why we need each other.

Self reflection is very hard.   I am not a Buddist and I am not promoting any specific religion, however the 8 Fold Path to Enlightenment has some very key concepts a poker player requires:

  1. Right View
  2. Right Thought
  3. Right Concentration
  4. Right Action
I encourage many people to think about this and redefine the way they think about themselves, and how their personality relates to their game.

Join in our discussions, put your naked truths on paper by posting hand histories and posting evaluations of other people's games.  It does not matter if you are right or wrong, it only matters that you continuously strive for excellence.


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