In this installment I would like to harp on the importance of self reflection.  People are very good at identifying differences in the way you might hand a situation compared to someone else.  Innately we are built to understand differences.   As an example; we understand a difference of temperature, not the temperature itself.

    The importance of self reflection is how you would react to a decision you made, given the situation you were in with a mindset clear of conflict.  Reflecting allows you to think about a situation while you are not in the presence of angst.

    There are many tools, I personally use PokerTracker for my poker studies.  It allows me to pull data on my own hands and see what types of mistakes (aka leaks) I have in my game.

    One report I recently ran was when I was playing my pocket pairs which were overpairs on the flop.   I pulled this out of 27k hands of 5nl.   I found the situation came up 194 times.

In this scenario, I was obviously playing my overpairs poorly.   I could have been on a poor streak, but I was consistently losing money at rate which indicated a pattern.

While not everything is going to be what it seems, I took a quick look into this and began to play them differently.   You can see the effect it had on this part of my game.

This is the important part of becoming better at poker.   To identify your mistakes, and the great thing about PSO, is the ability to ask questions in the forum.   This is a fantastic opportunity to take some of these concepts and ask knowledgable people how they play certain hands in certain situations.

Good luck out there!