For the purpose of this post, I'd like to discuss my views on Pot Control, and the execution of that to increase your winrate.

As always, a quick few graphs and then some analysis:

80-200bb pot size
One Pair Hand
Saw River

One Pair Hand
Saw River
70-100bb pot size

One Pair Hand
Did not see turn


Ok so it should be very evident that there are types of hands which fit well into a scheme of pot size.  One Pair Hands is not one of those types of hands you want to see a river with when the pot shows up as more than 50bbs.

How to execute this:

Stop C-Betting everything in the world.   Seriously, stop.  So you had KJs in the CO and raised prelop because the pot was unopened and you hit your K.   Is the texture of the board that which is going to scare you? 

Every time you bet a dry board such as Ks8h2d with KJ in the cutoff you do a few things:
  • Push out everyone you beat
  • Get called by everyone that crushes you and hopes you have a K or will hit something
  • Sometimes get called by 99-TT
  • You build a pot that requires additional bets on each turn when draws hit

JJ-QQ are going to raise you off the pot preflop OOP.  So really you're going to draw value from very few hands.  Perhaps some weak kings, A8 hands.. 99s and TTs.

Nothing is 100%, you don't want to check every one of these flops.  Think of your opponents.   Think of pot control, and consider the value of your hand.

As an exercise, take the limit you play at and write down a bunch of hand types, A-High, One Pair, Two Pair.. etc.

Then assign a dollar value on how much you would pay to know you would have that hand on the river.

So for 5nl for example, I would pay 15BBs to know I had top pair, good kicker by the river.
That equates to 75c. 

Then think about how to build pots to match your intended goal. 

It's all about control...

As always, shoot me a message and give me some feedback if you've found this helpful or have a new topic!

Good luck at the tables!