So they say aggression wins.   

Here is a sampling of over 100k hands, the sample size in some of the images is due to the filter I have. It is showing that there are only approximately 4k/2.5k hands which match this criteria.  However, it is still across the entire range of 100k hands.

All hands at 2nl  - 105k hands in the last 11 months:

So I have preflop raised and then .. checked:

During the same sample size I have preflop raised and then bet..


Ok, so what does this prove?
  • I win consistently when I bet a flop after a preflop raise
  • I lose consistently when I check a flop after a preflop raise

I have won $409 when betting a flop, and lost $95 when checking a flop.   The key to beating 2nl consistently is simply betting your strong hands preflop, and continue your betting line when you hit the flop. 

The number one thing I would work on at this limit is that poker is not a typical fight at the micro stakes.  You are not fighting an opponent you are fighting yourself.   This is where you cut your teeth on discipline.  When most people play poker it feels like a wrestling match, boxing match, football game.. etc.   It is not, you win by check/folding.   It is not a concession of defeat, it is a tactical withdraw.

This is the first psychological point I'll make.

More to come...