Hello to all, if any even use this space to actually blog. I have never blogged in my life, so please forgive my bloggin inequaties.... along with my horrible spelling!! I live in Cali, have played some poker, (off n on) for a bit over four years. So I am not very good, but I have an absolute love for the game and have met some of my most worth-while friends playing poker. I have worked in casino's in many different facets such as, though not in any order), Assistant casino Manager, Blackjack dealer+all the other games that goes along with this job, Poker room supervisor, Poker dealer, (although the only games I have ever really dealt were Texas Hold'em, Crazy Pinnaple, and of course Omaha. I was an executive casino host, and a Pit Manager. I think that sums that up pretty much. My goal in life at this time is to move upward and onward with my poker skills. I need many Jedi Masters wotking full time to accomplish this goal, since all I have learned to this piont has been by trial and much more error and self learning on the go. All friendly advice is welcome, as are all friendly people. Saga !- completed, I guess??? lol Ciao, Tee Bee