I only played in 44 pso tournaments in October. I still managed to finish at 182 ($30). As far as I'm concerned, that pretty much settles the "quantity over quality" debate. I was somewhat disappointed because I was sitting in the top 50 for a while nearing the end of the month. I felt that when I hit a little bad streak I felt the lack of quantity the most. I really don't have a choice but to stick with quality over quantity this month. The upcoming holidays will keep me from playing alot at the end of the month.

Found my theoretical "plateau" using the information that JDean and Cyclist put together. It was pretty much dead on. There is one variable that I will try to deal with this month. It has to do with my avg. percentile finish. During October, once I was ITM I pretty much quit unless I felt I had a stack worthy of making a run to the top 3. Therefore, I have many finishes that were just inside the money bubble. If I were to grind it out some, I would finish in a higher percentile. This will not do alot as far as points go but it will help me in fine tuning that plateau.

Now that I have a little more cushion in the bankroll, I hope to play in more Corral games this month. These are probably some of the best tournaments on PS. I haven't made it into one of hobojim's tourneys yet so that is a goal this month as well.