I don't have one! Or, at least I haven't decided on one yet.

In August it took 1798 points to maintain the $30 prize and 1843 for the $50.
In September it was 1821 for $30 and 1859 for the $50 prize.
Some of the reason for the jump could be because of the extra tournaments that werre added. But, I also think that more quality players are rising to the top and raising the bar.
As of right now, I sit at the bottom of the $50 prize (96th). I don't think I can just sit on this score because I don't think it will hold up for even the $30 prize.

I'm gonig to have to make some adjustments to my game because I'm at my threashold. My avg. finish and points earned for finishes make every tourney about a 50/50 shot for me. +points earned help just a little but -point finishes will devastate.

As of right now, there are 60 tournaments left in the month. I may get into as many as 6. Not alot of room for error.

If you're reading this, good luck finishing out the month.

Check out th Corral tournaments. Some of the best people and players you'll meet.