Just like the title of my blog suggests, my tour here in the pso has been up and down. In August I finished the month at #72. September had it's own little ups and downs. I started the month quite badly. I was down in points to the mid 1400 pretty quick because of many early exits. Some were at the hands of the infamous shovemonkeys and many were of my own undoing. I made a climb in points to attain a mid 800 ranking before falling off again at the end of the month. I finished September just out of the money.

October has been a good month so far. I am not playing in as many games. I think this is helping me because I go into each tourney fresh (or, at least relatively so). I think it is also keeping me from going on tilt as much. Since I am going into these fresh, I am going deeper in more of them and seeing less early exits. So far in Oct. I have had only 5 negative finishes. All of those negative finishes have been covered my 16 positive finishes. Of those positive finishes, 9 have been cashes with one final table.

My goal is to keep myself near the top 100 within striking distance of the top 10. To reach the top ten I think I will have to play more at the end of the month. I am trying to figure out at what point (point level)
should I quit playing for the month. I mean, my skill will reach it's threashold at some point too.