In July wen the league first restarted, I came in using my Hubble style for playing freerolls. I pretty much did nothing but lose points during July. In August, I said I would take a more serious approach to this to give it a real chance. Well, it looks like I finished the month ranked 68 (if that's correct after adjustments). My Hubble style tournament play is all but gone. I still have Hubble moments but I'm able to rein them in before it's too late. I used to play alot of volleyball. One thing that was always said and that we witnessed ourselves doing is, you play to the level of you competition. This couldn't be more true in poker. You cannot afford to get into these wild shove fests with the maniacs. You cannot afford to let their 5-9 off that wins a monster pot drag you into thinking that you can with your 8-4 off. Bring them up to the level of game that you know so that you can get a better read on them. I don't think that I will ever COMPLETELY get rid of Hubble habits though. There are just too many enticing freeroll promotions to play in (NAPL, Lambo, etc). And a hubble habit just might be enough to throw someone a curveball now and then. The only goal I have for Sept. so far is to finish better than August. This is a tall task considering how much the league has grown since then. In fact, I just helped a friend sign up last night. The name of my blog is "my poker roller coaster ride". Hopefully the ride ends a few floors above the starting point.