Hello people..

I am fairly new to the online Poker venue, not to Poker itself though, I've played Hold'em casually in home games, and a local low-stakes tournament here and there.  But definitely, online poker is a whole different ball game.

As a player in the Open Skill League challenges, and I'm pretty sure some of you will think the same, I sometimes feel a little, aggravated, for lack of a better word, by some of the plays witnessed in the daily Open Skill League tournaments.  It seems like the vast majority of the "Players" only have two buttons in their screen, "Fold" and "All-in"...  People re-raising bets holding garbage cards, and not bluffing, just plain old playing lousy.
I've seen the forum entries, I've read the comments, and I know I'm not the only one that feels this way, but this has gotten me thinking, and I thought I'd share my thoughts... (pun intended)

Granted, "bad" playing is somewhat expected in the Open Skill League challenges, not only because it's an open freeroll, but also because it was mainly designed for poker beginners to polish their skills (or should I say OUR skills), so, unexperienced playing is not only welcomed, but encouraged.
Yes, there are some people that do these crazy plays on purpose, some because they have absolutely no respect for the process, the ranking, or the Poker School Online itself.  We are more than aware that most are not even signed up in the online school.  Others simply could not care less, because the entry is free, and they could (by a long shot) do whatever, and win.

What is my point?
I believe that the fact that I'm becoming more and more aware of these so-called player's bad moves, and getting aggravated every time i get busted victim of an exceptional Bad Beat, shows me that my skills have improved.

I see myself adapting my game play, slow playing the first half of the tournament, certain that most of the "bad" players should be out of it by then, avoiding situations in which mere luck could blind side me, like pre-flop All-in's holding anything lower than pocket K's or Aces...
I'm beginning to identify different player's methods, definitely pinpointing the ones that have had some training, or at least have read the very helpful courses we have at our disposal, and those who are just along for the ride.
And ignoring the fact that sometimes it is unpleasant to get my pre-flop raise holding pocket Aces being called by a 7 2 offsuit, and lose! I think it is also evidence that my game has improved.

That being said, I believe that the more skills you acquire, the more annoyed you will get whenever you encounter this type of play, since you're more receptive and analytical to "proper" moves. 
So, whenever it becomes unbearable, it's time to up the stakes and battle better players for bigger payouts!

Anyways, that's my humble opinion...

Thank You for reading this, and good luck out there in the tables!

Dominican Republic