So I felt like making a blog post seven month later than my first to update my progress. I've dedicated more and more time over the past 7 months in order to improve my game. Like most new players, you lose a few dollars when you start, and think your better than you really are.


Which was the case for me, jumping into $11 and $27 tournaments where I was highly outclassed and conned myself that whenever I busted that it was just "bad luck".

and like most rookie players, I  became bored at playing at a certain stake and move up a few stakes with only  1 or 2 buyins at a certain level and lose it all in 30 minutes, and I'm speaking with experience.. 

After a good few months of reading some great poker books and countless hours of micro stakes tournaments and a few thousand 10NL 6max zoom/cash ring tables I'm beginning to see a heart-warming trend that I'm slowly but surely becoming a profitable player.

I came 6th earlier this year in a $27 PKO tournament and cashed out some money to purchase a poker table for my home. In the last few weeks I've played 4000 hands at 50NL HU zoom to take a shot at higher stakes for a bit of fun and to test my ability to play against stronger players. Had few bad beats, losing KK vs 10 preflop twice! for $250 and $140 pots respectively, but still managed to keep a win rate of 5.89 BB per 100 hands which I was super stoked with.

For those that are new to Poker, or Pokerschool in itself, take my advice and always play within your bankroll, and play at a level you feel comfortable  to reduce the risk of ruin and lowering your chance of having to re-deposit in the future

As I'm typing this I am currently coming 1st with 92 left in the $7.50 bounty builder 20k gtd, so hopefully I can ship this bad boy!

Good luck on the tables everyone and thanks for reading my blog