- Introduction to Anthony 2287-


Hi, my name is Anthony and I've only recently became very interested in poker, my interest was sparked when I travelled to Las Vegas for the new year and funny enough, I am starting a dealer training school at my countrys biggest Casino in a couple of weeks as a result . When I started on Pokerstars I thought I knew how to play poker, but in fact, looking back I had very basic knowledge and knew nothing about 3-betting, value betting, pot odds and EV or any other poker lingo other than flop and blinds and I did what most new players do, play tournaments and stakes in cash tables far too high for my bankroll. I had poor bankroll management and was at times risking 50% or more of my entire bank roll in one MTT or spin and go!

I lost alot of money (in my eyes atleast) over a few weeks and kept re-depositing when I lost and would tilt very easily if I lost a pot with crazy odds on my side, however with research online, pokerschoolonline in particular, I've been able to not only play the game better, but also play a better mental game, and know that If i were to call an all-in preflop with pocket kings or aces, and lose to pocket 4's hitting a set on the river, that I got my money in good and would win this more than I would lose.

I'm currently focusing on a goal of mine, $0.00 to $100!

I've been grinding out freerolls and have managed to finish in the money in atleast 40% of my tournaments I've been playing, yes we're talking small wins of $0.20-$3, but I believe play in huge fields of 10k+ player freerolls is great practice for when I decide to move up in stakes when I hit the big $100!

What I tend to do in freerolls, is pretend the buy-in was huge, and not to play reckless, esspecially in early stages where alot of people just all-in right off the bat with only blinds in the pot..

I started this goal to $100 2 days ago, and am currently at $0.40 after not running too well in a few $0.25 90 and 180 mans. I plan on hitting my goal in a few months, hopefully earlier with enough grinding

Once I hit around $5 again with freerolls I will start to grind $0.25 Sit and Go's and see where that takes me, I plan to update my blog weekly or more often. I am only 20 at the moment, but plan on continuing my 'poker career' dare I say it, into the foreseeable future and hope for a profitable and enjoyable experience!


Thanks for taking your time to read my blog and best of luck on the tables everyone!