I have seen some incredible idiocy in the past few days here in the PSO, and it leads me to believe that the test required to play in PSO tourneys really needs to be expanded.
There was a guy who went all in UTG with KJ  suited, got called by a guy with AA, and the villain made a flush. After taking some well deserved flak, he defended his play by saying that he was the pre-flop favorite as he had more "outs to improve" and he meant it in all seriousness too.
Plus, there are a lot of "shove-monkeys" that go all in every hand untill they amass 10k or get knocked out.
What is up with this? A lot of people think this is just another freeroll, and aren't even aware of the points.

Isn't it time that the the "test" includes some strategy and at least some awareness of the bigger picture of the nature of the league?