This promotion has given me a lot, and I really appreciate it and the players who also take PSO seriously that have helped and encouraged me along the way. I went from no online or NLHE experience at the beginning of the year to a very decent finish and prize for the month of March. I put in a lot of effort and studying to make it this far, but I believe that anyone can make a huge improvement in their game if they approach these games seriously and put effort into it like I did. There are those players who don't though, and I hope that my story will encourage you to change your attitude in this league. When you come into a PSO game being a donkey you waste a great opportunity for yourself, and you ruin it for the serious players. PSO is WAY more than a freeroll, and if you are getting abuse or critique then you earned it justly. I know I did at first, but I took it and learned from it. There are a lot of really good players here that will help you and encourage you along the way if you apply yourself. And, I owe a very special thank you to all of those players that have encouraged me and become friends. You all know who you are, keep it up and good luck to you ate the tables.