I know that myself and several other serious players would like this "Skill League" to be more skillful and less donkeyish. Again, I have an early exit thanks to a donkey making a stupid play, only to catch runner-runner to knowck me out. This type of result, combined with the amount players that don't take the league seriously make me want something better from this promotion. Hopefully others agree and Pokerstars hears our collective voices and create an Elite League, say the top 1000 players from the last month. Even if it has to be buyin. Or the ability to have a Skill League format in your Home Game? That you can adjust, say 75% buyin gets paid out and 25% held over for the monthly result? Anyone interested please let me and Pokerstars know, or if someone wants to have a buyin Skill League in a Homegame and knows how to make it happen????