Well, I have done pretty well at the cash game tables recently, more than tripling my bankroll in the last 3 days. This, along with a Top 5 finish at a PSO Tourney, has really sparked the confidence back in my game. I never play on tilt, but I may have been playing too many hands. I like my VPIP to be around 20%-23%, and it was hovering around 29%. Way too high for my style of play. I like to sit in the grass and wait patiently for my prey to walk by... and then I attack. I was looking for the big hand, instead of patiently waiting for it to come to me. With this being said, I initially thought I would want to develop a Hellmuth style of play, where I would stay away from the big pots, and just try to collect as many small pots as possible, thus not risking a lot of my bankroll on one or two hands. Well, usually after I am done playing at a table, I take a look at the amounts that were won in each pot, and I consistently own about 50%-60% of the top 10 pot amounts won at that table. I guess I don't mind ramming and jamming with a good hand. That doesn't mean I won't fold pocket Qs with a K or A on the flop. Too many donks think they will magically win the pot because they were initially dealt a strong hand. Doesn't work like that. Until next time... "All I need is a chip and a chair."