Well, I just played in my first (full) PSO Tourney. I finished in 5th place. I had to leave the last tourney in the middle of it (family obligation), so the placing isn't accurate. I played well tonight. I did get some cards to fall the right way, but more importantly I played smart. I am very pleased with the 5th place finish, but I also know that I could've very easily won this thing, or finished about 75th if a certain hand didn't work out. (I won a hand with QQ against AK. I got my 3rd Queen on the flop to bust him.) I played against a great group of people throughout the tourney, and I thank you all for the challenge. All I have to say is look out for me in September, because I am 1-1 in Top 5 finishes in these tourneys. I feel that I am a very intelligent poker player, and if you happen to beat me with trip 2s, then shame on you for calling with that hand in the first place, because more often than not, I will bust you. You have my word on that. Good luck to all my fellow PSO'ers out there. See you at the tables. "All I need is a chip and a chair."