I think I may have forgotten how to play cash games. I have been getting smoked recently, and I can't figure out why. I must be misplaying hands, or not being aggressive enough after the flop. It is incredible how I can't seem to win a hand. Usually, I win about 30%-40% of the flops that I play. I have been at about 10% or so, while my VPIP is still around 26%. Things will start to go back my way eventually, I just have to play smart, and stay within myself. Am I checking too much after the flop? Do I need to bet the flop more often? I am playing such small limit hold'em stakes that everyone calls my bets, and it is almost impossible to bluff someone off a hand. I can't afford to play no-limit yet, so I guess I'll have to take my lumps for now. I just joined the PSO League a few days ago, and unfortunately I had to leave during the middle of my first tourney. I am looking to have a really good ranking next month, while this month I am playing the role of "spoiler" to the leaders. "I just need a chip and a chair."