I have been knocked out of the last 3 tourneys by being hit with a bad river. I outplayed my opponents in those hands, yet still fell victim of a bad river. 3 tourneys, all ended for me after dominating the opponent while going head to head with them. Three examples: Me: AK XX: K10 I am short stacked and go all-in. They call. Understandable since I was behind and they had a playable hand. Flop comes: K - 8 - 2 Turn & River: 7 - 10 GONE. The other 2 tourneys had the same result. I understand that it can happen, and it's not the worst of beats... but 3 tourneys in a row? I have to take a day or two off in order to keep my mind right, and know that the odds were in my favor, and I didn't misplay those hands.