Hey guys!


Okay I'm posting this in forum because it intrigued Chris "ChewMe1" in yesterdays training. Here it is:


The Situation: We are 10bb deep and there is an ante 10% of bb... average stacks are between 8-15bb (So most liekly a turbo)

The Question: What pocket pairs can I profitably shove UTG preflop?

My Answer: Based on how many players are at the table this defined the pocket pair. So if you are sat at a full ring full table your pair shouldn'nt be below 9's.

8 players at the table = 8's

7 players at the table = 7's


You can also work this on a mathematical basis where the number of players left to act in the hand is represented by X. So using the formula of X-1 we can work out whether the pocket pair is generally profitable to shove or not. So the theory can be used past just being UTG...


I wouldn't mind findingout what other people think of this theory. It is a specific that can simply be used as a guideline. NOT to be kept to as a RULE!


Looking forward to any feedback!