Hey guys!

A little update as to how I'm doing... GREAT!

I'm a little dissapointed to have gone out of the storm in 131st as I think i could have held out longer... but then unless you win are you ever truly happy with your result?

Ahar010 was railing me and told me I made the right call though... I forgot to BOOM the hand so cant put it here but basically I was s.b short with A8 and BB was huge. Its folded round to him and he shoves, he's only been at the table 3 hands but already been active in 2 of them, so I call and he shows AJ. ... and thats the way the cookie crumbles.

But I did gain experience from it!

It was my 3rd Storm this year. The 1st I finished just outside the top 1K players and was getting a bit nervy. The second I bubbled . This one 131st and when it hit around the top 800 i started getting nervy, always looking at my position in relation to pay jumps and waiting for a "no brainer" all-in before acting. So now when (and if) i reach that stage again I know i've been there before and i'm sure i'll handle myself more confidately and hopefully get higher .


So... how am I doing vs my targets?

Cash Target $250 by end of this month (done unless i screw up) - currently $414

VPP Target 4000by the end of this month(not done) - currently 2289VPP

TLB points Target 5k by end of year - currently 2457 (and only 61 results on there).


So my plan for this week is to ensure a base score on my TLB points by hammering the 50c and $1 90man tourneys (finish in top 13 gets them). Once I have 100 results in my TLB points for the year I'll take a look at my roll and see if I'm ready to move on to the $250 180man tourneys or whether they may be a little much for my ability to get a regular income. I really need to work on my turbo strategy I think as I get paid well and often enough in regular tourneys but in turbos it seems a lot less fequesnt and I struggle more to go deep.


Okay so thats this weeks post done.... to the tables it is!