So... I reloaded yesterday... but lets pretend that didnt happend!

I worked out to hit $5k i need to work on a multiplier of x1.4 each month.. 12 times thats 5.6k so its a safe target.

My bankroll now stands at $113.61 + T$11 so effectively $123.61 but i need to be at $140... so I'm a little behind there but this early it's not such a bad thing.

I found accoimbras project of turning $100 into $100k this year and am going to follow his plan exactly.. I may not have the ability he has yet but I'm sure following the guidance on his blog and the bankroll management he's following I can do it.

This means that for now I'm running 50c 90man turbo tournaments. I'll be running them in blocks of 10 so I register for 10 consecutively then wait until the last one is finished before I register for more. Thus giving me a break between sessions if i so choose rather than going on an 8 hour grind with the same game.

How are my other targets doing?

Target 25k VPP = 1914/25k

A little short here but the fact is when I move up stakes they'll be a lot easier to get hold of... what this shows me is that maybe... jusr maybe... this target may have been a little low and I may have to change it, so I'll give it another month or 2 and readjust.

Target 5K TLB points = 1724/5000

This is still going to be difficult. These TLB points show my best 100 tournament results of the year and it seems i'm doing well but this is from a zero base this month. Hopefully slamming the 90mans will give me a good secondary base to work from in March. 

So ignoring the reload... I'm doing okay.


My plan for February is to hammer 50c 9man turbos until i reach $200 then i'll allow myself a $25 buffer to try for the $1 ones. If i drop back to $175 then I'll return to 50c stake until i hit $200 again and repeat.

I will also enter scheduled MTT's <=1.50 this month and allow exception for the Sunday Storm (which I can qualify for 2 or 3 times a week in FPP and it's my allowance to go for a real big boost without letting it happen too often)


Hopefully I'll post here on Sunday next, letting you know how I did in the storm and how I'm doing overall.


See you on the felts!