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This hand... funny thing is i knew the 3 was coming as soon as i saw the flop. I sit in these things and wait... and wait and wait and wait for a premium. ~I figure even if i get blinded out it's the points that count right?

Every time I play one i seem to come up against crap like this though and busting early.


I was hoping the leage may be a way to boost my bankroll risk free but i guess not... It'll just get me on tilt!

Nest month I plan to play in the UK and Ireland leagues though... I remember doing well off of them in May 2011, my only issue is the times because even though i have half of February off work I'm a night worker and I need to leave home 22:15GMT so for the 2nd half of the month I'm probably only gonna be able to get 5 points (no final tables). So I'm gonna need a good start to the month and spend the 2nd half insuring my league position.

I'll keep an eye on how long it takes to get 5 points for getting paid and if it's usually pre-22:15 then I'll play March otherwise it's probably a wasted investment (except the freeroll league because that's a nil investment and I can only gain)