Hi to anyone reading this!

My name is Andy McDonald and I come from a little town in the UK called York. I'm 24 years od (in just over a week on 26/1) and this year my main goal is to build a good poker bankroll and work on my game with the long-term goal of going pro.

The dream we all have but will never get to right? Well I believe we can do anything if we commit ourselves to it and work hard to acheive it. So this is my plan for  2013.

My main games are small stakes NLHE, PLO (which I recently discovered as a profitable game that suits my playing style quite naturally) and stud games. I'm a regular at the 25c/50c 8 game tables.

I view my poker game as having holes in it that need plugging and planon studying all  the different styles and games in poker to find my place/speciality to move forward with. It's all good being a jack-of-all-trades (as I am) but to be a professional I've learned that you need to specialise in a particular area, perhaps dabbling elsewere.

Hopefully when I find my game and style I can push forward in the future and acheive the dream of going pro.


See you on the tables!