Badbeats are a part of poker we all know and have no choice but to except this fact. But for 2 years every time i have premium holdings and i even hit on the flop that damn Card that hits the fish with 72 84 96 etc hit there draw every time. i get told time and time again in the long run you will profit from playing tight Aggressive. Not as yet i have not see this happen my bankroll is being destroyed mailnly because of the river card. I was in pokerschool freeroll on the Button with AA flop hit me great and was looking at Full house ,thinking to myself i shoud have this in the bag. from under the gun came an allin shove. so i though i got the nuts here so i called which put me allin, villian had 77. great for me with my FH then the 4th card was 7 and blow me down if the river didnt give him another 7. People talk about varience is a big factor. i had something like 15 outs and good pot odds he had 2 outs. this i just one example i had 2 years on PKR of this same thing happening. so i up and moved to pokerstars and my first week as bronze star was awsome i not get rivered much but now 2 months into my poker career here i see the old demons rearing there heads again.               Is it a downswing? i ask this question Because no matter what site i play i seem to get same result. rivered again. Poker school and all the great advice that lessons and trainer give is Amazing i completed all the course and was well over 70% on all quizzes But all that knowledge and the experience i have gained cannot stop the badbeat most games i play. i am playing best poker of my life but with the constant run of bad luck i feel that my poker career may come to an end. i have put hands on boomplayer but i cant see what people say on how i played cos i have a constant error which means i can post but not see.                                                                                                                        What i am Seeking is 1st a Hug! to console my bad luck and 2nd to hear of other spells of downswings and there lengh they lasted how they were over come etc.Tilt affects the way we play but i dont tilt easy no more due to the fact i am so used to the river card is constantly kicking my ass that it is just normal now . Any info on how to overcome this beast of burdon and your stories of similar experiences is what i seek from my fellow poker players, more reading and less playing will save what bankroll i have left plus may gladden my heart toknow i am not the only one!.