Just to explain what i ment in my earlyer post when i call some one a donk i mean a player who shoves their  stack across the line when they've got at least 70 big blinds or more.
This in my eyes is an extreamly bad play! as any decent poker player who calls will have the DONKS hand crushed!.

Not that having the best hand at the start guarantee's the win but what would you rather be when all your chips go in 5to1 favourite or 1to5 under dog? its not rocket science ! 

I'm talkin about the people who shove all in pre flop with hands as week as J 3 suited and i've seen it done with hands worse than that too! come on MAN! 
they put $1500chips in for all of what $45chips!  madness!  madness i tell you!

I completly understand shoving all in pre flop when your mid way through a torney and your stacks running low or even against playing hands that the books say you should fold ( the game would be extremly boring if we all played the same sort of starting hands and whatching some of the maniacs pull off a crazy move can be very entertaining to see.  
But the amount of time's i've had to lay down decent hands to these imbecile's donk moves makes me feel sick!

I'm talkin about pockets and even aks man! you may see this as over tight play but i really wanted to make it in to the premier league as i've only been playing on this site for a couple of months and think its a good way to start( i'm 600th so fingers crossed)

Anyway cheers for taking the time to read another one of my rants and feel free to leave your own opinion do you think the donk's way is a good way to play pso torneys?  

And oh yeh
good luck in the league folk's! 

Andy clarke
aka andyclarke65 
nickname half italian stallion (self allocated) never could under stand why it didn't take off? 
Stockport, Manchester, England, Earth and so on .....