It’s that time of year again!
No, I am not talking about last minute Christmas shopping, or finally deciding what to wear at the office Christmas party *cringe*
(But…a girl never knows when she might meet her prince)

It’s that time to celebrate the successes of the past year, and to reflect on challenges that for some reason were not fulfilled to their greatest potential.

Another financial year is coming to an end, and I’m quite surprised that my colleagues are more preoccupied with the gossip and drama that normally comes with a colleague Christmas party, than preparing for that end-of-year performance review! 

Every ending is a new beginning

Reviewing the past is productive only to a certain extent, because what is done is done and cannot be changed no matter how detailed that ‘end of year review’ is, or how long we spend pondering on what should/could/would have been. One of my favourite authors puts it quite nicely: *points at picture below*

Whilst it’s true that the past is ‘been and gone,’ information from the past can help us improve, become better, and avoid making the same mistakes. Sometimes, in order to move forward, we have to look back first. This is not only true in life, but in poker too! How we use the information is most important especially in poker. 

Review of my poker goals:

Let’s forget about that work end of year review and think of happy things instead: Back in September, I set myself the following poker goals:
1. Participate in OSL
2. Complete PSO courses
3. Review past hands
4. Live training sessions at PSO

Firstly, with the open skills league, it’s only when I rediscovered it that night in October (which I talk about in my previous blog post), that I was excited again about this free-roll. The main reason for this is because of the ‘My Stats’ feature, which I love!

Secondly, I have completed the beginner’s course, STT, MTT and Cash Games courses which I have enjoyed learning about, and researched strategies. So far I have tried Sit & Go tournaments, free-roll tournaments, Spin & Go, and cash games. Out of these I like MTTs the most and don’t mind the odd Spin & Go. Personally, I find the structure of a tournament the most exciting – I like that there is a clear finishing line at the end, to win you have to accumulate all the chips, and that there are different stages (early/middle/late). The best part is when the bubble bursts! What I like about the Spin & Go is that they are quick games, only have three players in total, and I find it's easier to have a more loose approach because the starting stack size is 500 chips. 

Next, I have kind of forgotten about the third goal as I have only recently started to request poker hand reviews. This is something that I want to do more of, as I gain more knowledge and experience. Recently, before requesting a hand to be reviewed, I try to review it myself first, to see if I can spot the mistakes. It’s almost like in school when you’re reviewing a test, then you get the feedback from the teachers. 

Finally, I have attended the live training sessions and will continue to do so, as I find them very engaging and an excellent way to learn. It’s like being in a class room.

Setting new goals:

I prefer to set myself small weekly goals, as it is the frequency which helps me to accomplish them. This seems to suit my working and learning style best, because I find that when I set long-term goals I tend to start them but not finish them.

Here are some things I consider when I set new goals:
1. What exactly do I want to achieve?
2. When do I want to achieve it by?
3. How will I achieve it, and what resources/support is available?
4. How will I measure my progress?

I still haven’t decided what poker goals to set for 2015 yet…I am not sure if I am ready yet to move on from free-rolls.

The best is yet to come

No one knows what the future holds, but history tends to repeat itself - that’s what the financial charts say, and I think that it is true with poker graphs too when interpreting patterns.

I think it's time to begin reviewing some hand histories...*logs on to PS to request tournament history*

If we take lessons learned from the past and apply them to the present, we open a world of new opportunities for the future!

To a successful 2015!